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Blooms Of Love

Palo Santo Sticks Authentic (Approx. 160 Grams | 5.6 Oz 20 pieces)

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      Large Pack — 100% Natural Incense, High Resin Spiritual Cleansing Palo Santo Matches from Peru — Wild Harvested, Sustainably Hand Picked
  • CLEANSE AND PROTECT YOUR SPACE — Use our 100% natural and authentic Palo Santo sticks to purify and protect your home, office, or meditation space from negative energy.
  • ETHICALLY SOURCED — Our Palo Santo sticks are sustainably and ethically sourced from Peru, where they are collected from fallen trees after their life cycle has ended.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY — Each box contains 20 sticks, giving you double the amount you'll find in other boxes, making it a great value for money.
  • GIVE BACK WITH EVERY PURCHASE — By purchasing our Palo Santo sticks, you'll be supporting our efforts to donate 1% of profits to organizations that work to plant and grow trees.