Our founder

Welcome to the alluring world of Blooms Of Love, where high-quality, feminine, and contemporary design intertwines with a touch of bohemian whimsy. As the inspired CEO, I am Dr. Hala Hijazi, and I cordially invite you to immerse yourself in our Toronto-based lifestyle brand.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, there is a yearning to reconnect with each other in new and exciting ways. Women, in particular, are embracing comfortable, feminine styles and venturing into bold and adventurous fashion choices.

Building upon my studies in fashion in cosmopolitan Toronto, I am thrilled to unveil Blooms of Love, a luxurious fashion brand that caters to affluent, confident, free-spirited, and discerning women. We use rare, carefully sourced, and highly crafted fabrics to create timeless and iconic pieces that transcend trends and become a staple in every stylish woman's wardrobe.

My personal aesthetic is a harmonious fusion of bohemian, whimsical, modern, and fresh styles, with a consistent incorporation of natural elements and colors. This earthy aesthetic perfectly complements the verdant greenery that thrives in my Canadian abode, and the natural beauty of our planet is my ultimate source of inspiration.

Thank you for embarking on this captivating journey of fashion and creativity, where we exalt the beauty of individual expression and welcome new possibilities.