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Blooms Of Love

Decorative Wooden Matches 3.75in/9.5cm | 100 Count

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3.75in/9.5cm | 100 Count | Long Matches for Candles & Fireplace | Matchsticks with Strick Pad | Artisan Safety Matches (Glass Bottle)

Introducing our Decorative Wooden Matches, an exquisite fusion of functionality and aesthetics. Crafted with care, each matchstick stands tall at 3.75 inches (9.5 cm), providing a longer burn time and ensuring a safe and convenient lighting experience for candles, fireplaces, and more.

This set boasts a generous count of 100 artisan safety matches, elegantly housed in a charming glass bottle that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. The beautifully designed strike pad on the bottle's base ensures quick and reliable ignition, making it effortless to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

These matches aren't just utilitarian; they're a piece of functional art. Each matchstick is a testament to craftsmanship, embodying the perfect balance of form and function. Whether adorning your mantelpiece or gracing your table, they add a touch of refined elegance to any setting.

With their extended length, these matches offer added safety, keeping your hand comfortably away from the flame. Their natural wooden composition ensures a clean, even burn without imparting unwanted odors or chemicals.

Upgrade your candle-lighting experience with our Decorative Wooden Matches. Delight in the convenience, safety, and exquisite design that only these artisan matchsticks can offer. Elevate your ambiance, one striking moment at a time.

  • 🔥ELEGANT PIECE OF HOME DÉCOR: The Mila Moya premium artisan matches are crafted to be used or to stand alone as a show piece of decor alongside any candles. These decorative matches come in beautiful glass bottle with a bamboo lid or box for refill, and a plastic-free box that adds an artistic touch to your ambience. Pair them with any candle scented or unscented, for an ideal home décor piece.
  • 🔥MADE FROM KILN-DRIED PINEWOOD: The Blooms of Love long matches are made from natural kiln-dried pinewood which are durable and easy to light using minimal force to generate friction and burn longer than ordinary matches. The striker is located on the side of the box or on the bottom for the glass jar which is made from high-quality material, easing the process of lighting the safety matchsticks.
  • 🔥MULTI-FUNCTION DECORATIVE MATCHES: Our premium artisan matches are made from high quality material so that they can be easily lit to light candles. They also function as an alluring show-piece beside any decorative candles with an eye-catching design, to mesmerize your peers. The lighting matches also have therapeutic properties and goes very well with miniature statues or incense sticks used during yoga, spa or any other therapeutic activities.
  • 🔥ECCENTRIC MATCHES: Our vision while developing this product was to cultivate generosity with show-pieces that give back to more than just 1 function for home décor. The long matches were made to light up any dull atmosphere and enhance the ambience of your living space. Once you buy them, it will become an irreplaceable part of your home décor and can be placed to try out different combinations with different candles or miniature statues.
  • 🔥ELEGANT & UNIQUE GIFT: This gorgeous box or glass bottle with matches can be a perfect gift for many occasion like a house-warming party, opening of a new shop, spa or a restaurant and more. These decorative matches add an eccentric touch to any gift set as you can pair them up with a candle a miniature statue or incense sticks for an ideal gift for many occasions.